Premium kitchens – perfectly exhibited.

The Creative Studio is a team of creative and experienced interior architects that designs and plans complete kitchen exhibitions. And does that more than 500 times a year.

Upon request, the luxurious exhibitions and show kitchens are set up by our works assemblers and assembly partners. They do this all over the world.

Jörg Arndt

Symmetry of design has the highest priority for me. It produces a positive feeling of space and thus also keeps people in balance.
Jörg Arndt is an interior architect and trained carpenter and has been with the company since 2001. As the manager of Creative Studios, he attaches great importance to intensive mutual communication with customers. He has been responsible for numerous successful plans for trade fairs and photo campaigns.

Sabine Trossehl

The kitchen is the most important place for staying a while and communication. The design of the kitchen becomes a reflection of oneself.
Sabine Trossehl is a trained interior architect and carpenter. With the company since 2005, she and her colleagues are responsible for the area planning, detailed planning of the kitchens in 3-D and the environmental and colour design. In addition to design, functionality and quality, she attaches particular importance to the right lighting.