In-house Designers with noblessa Spirit.

At noblessa, design is not "bought in" but is instead created and lived within the company by a team of our own designers. It consists of experienced masters of the art of design and highly talented young minds. What they have in common is the noblessa spirit, with which each premium kitchen is turned into something unique.

Andreas Bielefeld

For us, the design of luxury kitchens is a continual process. Almost daily, new trends in colouring and materials are incorporated into the designs, along with changes in lifestyles and styles of home living. The results of our work: each year another collection with exquisite new additions.
Andreas Bielefeld has been with the company since 2000. He came to furniture design via his study of foreign trade, which gave him his sensitivity to trends and developments. From initially dedicating himself to seating and upholstered furniture, he is now inseparably associated with kitchen design, in which he is a leading figure.

Florian Degenhardt

The living room and the kitchen are converging more and more. The rooms of the future will be even more functional, while the same time, more individual and full of character. Combining all of this with contemporary exclusivity is both a passion and a challenge for us.
Florian Degenhardt is a trained interior architect and has been in the company since 2013. The winner of several design awards has previously worked for international furniture companies. He loves the perfect interplay of usability and consummate styling.