Founding of the company "J. Stickling".

At the founding of their kitchen company in 1945, the harmony of functionality, design and the highest quality was already a central claim of the brothers Johann and Willy Stickling. Based on the ideals of German engineering, "technical excellence" became a standard for their entrepreneurial activities. Later, the company rose to become the biggest kitchen manufacturer in Europe under the name nobilia.

Birth of the brand noblessa.

"Is it possible to ornament technical perfection with the finest craftsmanship?" In 1996, Heinz and Werner Stickling, the two successors of the founders gave an answer: with the creation of the premium brand noblessa. Under this name, from now on, kitchens were only offered for kitchen specialists and higher standards.

Luxury kitchens with character.

In the first few years, an iron law became established in the brand noblessa: a kitchen that is just "beautiful and expensive" is still a long way from being a luxury kitchen. Only when the most beautiful appearance, fine materials, fully developed functionality, best workmanship and greatest ease of use are in perfect harmony with each other is it true luxury – and deserving of the name noblessa.

A principle that still applies today.