Bach Product Range

A noblessa kitchen from the Bach product range is a special concert for the senses. The kitchens with their matt fronts, stern, straight lines and circumferential laser-welded edges are an homage to the Bauhaus architecture which was developed in Germany. Thanks to the innovative laser-edging, the result is a high-quality, seamless appearance as if it had been made from a single piece. Just like to musical masterpieces from the great composers,
the external influences cannot lessen the absolute quality of these kitchens because their high-quality materials and the innovative way in which they were manufactured make them extremely hard-wearing. The kitchens from the Bach product range can also be planned as a LINE N kitchen without handles and are available in six different colours: in the current trend colours of premium white and white as well as in the organic colours of ivory matt, satin grey, sand and mineral grey.

Bach, ivory matt

A Masterpiece of Ease and Elegance

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Bach, mineral grey

Music for the Eyes

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Bach, sand

A Hymn for Perfection

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Bach, premium white

The art of creating something unique

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Bach, Ivory matt
Bach, Mineral grey
Bach, Sand
Bach, Premium white
Beethoven, Ivory matt
Goethe, Lacquer, magma high gloss
Goethe, Lacquer, white high gloss
Goethe, Lacquer, sand high gloss
Grimm, Basalt oak synchronous pore finish reproduction
Wagner, Glass, premium white matt