A Hymn for Perfection

Thanks to the unusual lighting of the plinth and the striking symmetry, the Bach kitchen in sand looks like a sculpture. Fronts with laser-welded edges and high-quality Silestone surfaces show the perfect workmanship of this premium kitchen.
The material of the work area gives the back panel of the kitchen a visual "frame" and connects both elements so that they form a splendid duet. Premium built-in appliances made in Germany make this kitchen composition complete.

Its harmonious symmetry, extending from the area of the oven makes this kitchen unique.

Andreas Bielefeld
Product Design

Exhibiting Special Things

Sculptures, high-quality glasses and vases are in the limelight in the illuminated wall shelves. When the wall shelf shines in the light, one's attention is drawn straight to the extraordinary gallery. When the lighting is switched off, the shelf fits in harmoniously with the kitchen.

For a Harmonious Overall Impression

In this kitchen nothing pushes into the foreground, everything combines perfectly and forms a balanced whole. This includes the downdraft cooker hood which extends from the worktop when required by sensor operation. When it is not required it can be made to sink into the worktop.

Clear Lines, Clear Style

For noblessa, perfection right down to the smallest detail means that even the faucet of the sink underlines the overall impression of the kitchen and becomes an eye-catcher. The clear shape and minimalistic design of the Dornbracht fixture underline the clear lines of this kitchen from the Bach product range in sand. The integrated sink, with a seamless look, is another purist feature of this balanced kitchen.

A Statement for Perfect Comfort

Handle-less fronts guarantee a clean-lined and unified overall impression and make the Bach kitchen into a real design statement. The vertical recessed grips in the front colour sand ensure outstandingly comfortable closing and opening of the tall units. Doors, drawers and pull-outs can be opened just as comfortably thanks to horizontal recessed grips. The grip profile is available in the colours premium white, white, ivory, satin grey, sand and stainless steel.

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