Fugger range

Fugger – the new finish from our collection – brings the vitality of natural stone to your kitchen. Three-dimensional textures give the laminated fronts and upright panels the look of natural Grey slate. In order to best showcase the delicate highs and lows of this finish and the various nuances of Grey, the lines of this kitchen are kept to a minimum. The Fugger range is available with or without handles in Grey slate reproduction.

The interplay of material and light for your home: This kitchen combines fronts in Grey slate reproduction with worktops made of innovative Xtra material. Not only does this material possess remarkable functional properties, but it also echoes an authentic natural stone appearance down to the last detail. The result: A kitchen that appears to have been hewn from a single block of stone. Despite its monolithic look and feel, there is no monotony here: High quality lighting creates atmospheric accents and casts a pleasant, bright light on the work areas beneath the wall units.
In contrast to the stone finishes, the adjacent dining area is dominated by warm, light-coloured wood tones. This area is the perfect spot to take a short break, while waiting for your favourite dish to finish cooking. And, you always have a complete overview of everything going on in your kitchen.

Natural slate taken to the next level.

Our Xtra worktops are a real treat – to look at, to touch, and to work on: The panels have a 3-D surface texture that lends them the deceptively genuine appearance of natural stone. This material simultaneously provides an extraordinarily high degree of impact resistance and easily masters all the challenges of your daily kitchen routine.

Clean front lines, concealed storage.

For uninterrupted clean lines: Concealed behind a hinged door are internal pull-outs with plenty of ergonomic, useful storage space. Glass internal panels allow light and transparency. For those who prefer a more functional look, the internal pull-outs are also available – as depicted – with metal side panelling.


The flush mounted sink flows seamlessly into the worktop. This underscores the impressive, clean look of your kitchen and also makes clean-up a breeze.

Slate appearance combined with effortlessness.

Cabinets open easily – even without handles: Servo drive brings effortlessness, despite the look of natural stone. This opening support mechanism in the wall units makes opening even large flap doors comfortable and convenient.

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