Living and Loving Life

Great dramas, romances and comedies take place in the kitchen. After all, it is increasingly becoming the centre of life and a meeting place for friends and family. The generously-sized island solution from the Goethe range in lacquer, magma high gloss lends this kitchen a special, homey atmosphere. One sits together, talks, cooks or enjoys an aperitif in the evening.

The clear design of this premium kitchen never intrudes into the foreground, but instead underlines the sophisticated style of its owner. Kitchen fronts in magma and a surround in ivory matt go together perfectly – just like the verses of the German prince of poets Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The quartz surface by Silestone sets colour accents skilfully.

The elegant, bright shelves and the dark, thick worktops ensure a fascinating, omnipresent tension.

Jörg Arndt
Creative Studio

A Centre Full of Passion

The communicative central point of this kitchen from the Goethe product range is the generously-sized island solution, the visual highlight of which is the attached counter with a striking top panel.

Supplemented with bar stools, the counter becomes a a comfortable place to sit that invites you to linger for a while. The ceramic hob is integrated within the island.

Free Space for Body and Spirit

Wall units with swing-flaps give you extra freedom that you will never want to do without again. They reduce the door-opening angle and do not restrict headroom in any way. Thanks to high-quality fittings technology, the swing-flaps stay in the position that you want.

Lots of Space for Great Cuisine

A particular highlight of this kitchen is the 90cm wide Miele oven. It offers extra holding capacity with a high-quality stainless steel interior. The oven can be intuitively controlled via the simple and self-explanatory TFT display. Thanks to the 100 automatic programmes dishes can be cooked effortlessly and almost automatically.

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Ramon Perez Sarco

Ramon Perez Sarco

Ramon Perez Sarco

Ramon Perez Sarco

Ramon Perez Sarco
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