Theatre for the Senses

This kitchen from the Goethe product range shows perfect mastery of an exciting interplay of elements. It forms black and white contrasts skilfully and features attractive accents, with the quartz surface of the worktops and uprights. Reflective particles in the high-quality Silestone surfaces produce exclusive effects.
Highly attractive lacquer fronts and black glass roll-up fronts form a symbiosis that makes this noblessa kitchen shine with a special splendour time after time. As on a theatre stage, the mood of the kitchen changes with the lighting. Curtain up for the noblessa kitchen Goethe in lacquer, white high gloss!

In this kitchen, the classic black-white combination is reinterpreted with black glass elements in the wall units and roll-up front units.

Sabine Trossehl
Creative Studio

Open to Special Things

Top units with a roll-up front are a special highlight in any kitchen and the ideal place to store small kitchen appliances. The household appliances are ready to hand and can be quickly returned to their place in the unit. The roll-up front is available in clear glass, matt glass, black glass, stainless steel and aluminium finish.

The Discovery of the Hidden

Light plays a decisive role in the Goethe noblessa kitchen in lacquer, white high gloss. When the internal lighting is switched on, the top units made of black glass show a fascinating transparency and reveal their interior. When the light is off, the contents of the unit remain concealed behind fine black glass.

Gleaming Luxury

Real, high gloss lacquer fronts are the epitome of luxury and pure material aesthetics. In every lighting ambience, they produce exciting reflections and lend the kitchen a unique character.

Experience a New Ease

The doors of all noblessa premium kitchens close silently and effortlessly, almost as if by themselves. This is made possible by the Sensys hinge and the innovative Silent System noise reduction which is invisibly incorporated in the hinge. The exclusive combination of the greatest comfort and innovative technology makes the Sensys hinge, which has received several awards, the best on the market.

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