Programm Goethe

Experience kitchens that are ahead of their time and yet remain timeless in their beauty – just like the most famous works of the world famous German writer and poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The design kitchens from the noblessa product range of the same name are creating trends thanks to the high-quality processing of the lacquer fonts, that will remain for a long time to come. In the brilliant, high-gloss lacquer fronts with characteristic depth effect,
exciting reflections are created that fascinate us in the same way as the lively verses of the German poet continue to do time and time again. The lacquer fronts with the softly rounded external edges are available in five attractive colours from the spectrum of white tones and organic colour nuances. Due to the almost boundless variety of around 2,000 different variations for the kitchen units, the lacquer fronts can be adapted to match your individual taste in an absolutely pure and opulent way.

Goethe, lacquer, magma high gloss

Living and Loving Life

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Goethe, lacquer, white high gloss

Theatre for the Senses

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Goethe, lacquer, sand high gloss

An Ideal Place to Linger

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Bach, Ivory matt
Bach, Mineral grey
Bach, Sand
Bach, Premium white
Beethoven, Ivory matt
Goethe, Lacquer, magma high gloss
Goethe, Lacquer, white high gloss
Goethe, Lacquer, sand high gloss
Grimm, Basalt oak synchronous pore finish reproduction
Wagner, Glass, premium white matt