A festival in the kitchen

A kitchen that will excite both the owner and the audience in equal measure: the Wagner luxury kitchen with real glass fronts in premium white matt. Its panel wall can be individually decorated and reflects the personal style of the owner. Exquisite glass fronts with attached bar handle in matt chrome radiate a breathtaking material beauty.
The combination of various base unit heights endows this kitchen with a monumental character. And it is no less impressive and epochal as an opera from the great German composer Richard Wagner.

Cubic, straight-line planning is perfectly in keeping with the highly aesthetic glass fronts.

Jörg Arndt
Creative Studio

Demonstrate impact

Matt glass fronts are unmatched when it comes to their optical impact and material beauty. Processed to create a kitchen front, this high-quality material with exquisite degree of gloss is very hard-wearing and robust. It is very hygienic and impresses with its high degree of functionality in combination with the particularly beautiful appearance.

A sign of good taste

A panel wall can be decorated individually and manifests in this way the individual and cultured taste of its owner. The panel elements, glass floors, shelves, light panels and the railing system offer a wide variety of design possibilities.

The panel walls are ideal for enhancing free wall spaces as well as recesses. The flexible elements of the panel wall can be easily redecorated. They are available in worktop décors and in carcase colours.

A wide variety of design possibilities

Put your personal stamp on things and design the recesses just the way you want: the LINERO rail system MosaiQ gives you the freedom to do just that. The system modules are available in three different heights and accentuated with exquisite decorative elements. Thanks to the magnetic knife holder, all your high-quality knives are at your fingertips, and the multi-purpose shelf provides the space for everything important. The modules can be combined with one another for maximum design freedom. The rail of high-quality stainless steel is a discreet element, and this adds to the overall attractive appearance.

A soft touch is all that's needed

A light touch is all that's needed and the electro-mechanical opening system makes the waste collector slide out smoothly. You don't have a hand free? With the gentle tap with the knee, the pull-outs open and impress with their excellent smooth running action. The Sensomatic system is driving the trend towards electrification in the kitchen and it is integrated in all noblessa premium kitchens as standard.

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