Exclusive creation

Our kitchens are refined, clean and elegant in design. To enable you to personalise them to your tastes, we have developed a range of accessories designed exclusively for our products.

Created by noblessa

Glass side panels for drawers are exclusive serial equipments to noblessa, created by us with our brand's DNA: excellence, precision and avant-garde style. For the more industrial look you could alternatively choose metal sides or allow insights by implementing railings.

Difference is everything

Modern or retro, stainless steel or wood, fine or thick, curved or angular — you will easily be able to find just the right accessory to add that final finishing touch to really set off and highlight your kitchen!

Wall units just for you

Attractive glass and lacquer designs, curved geometries, and distinctive shelf units turn wall units into real eye-catchers in the kitchen, while creating unique design possibilities which are clearly visible. Furthermore, they provide practical storage at an accessible height as well as intriguing views of beautiful crockery and stylish accessories. In addition to our extensive standard range, we also have a choice of, exclusive product range available for you.

Highline shelving system

The Highline shelving system offers exclusive planning options for individualised living space designs. The support/mounting system made of 16 mm thick round steel pipes brings modern accents in industrial style to living spaces. The Black support/mounting system can be combined with 25 mm thick shelves in a total of 54 décors.

Glass, handles and niche claddings

noblessa kitchens offer that certain something extra. The pull-outs come standard with glass side panelling and continuous non-slip mats. All kitchens are outfitted with moisture protection shelves in sink units for additional comfort and security. High end branding of various elements completes the exclusive image of this kitchen brand.