Essence Kitchen: natural elegance

The Essence kitchen will become the heart of your home. The Essence kitchen is defined by its modern and welcoming family style. The blend of wood and the emphasis on the lines of your kitchen via contours in matt colours, emphasise the character of this kitchen and offer the perfect blend of a mineral look and modern design. The essence of this kitchen is to offer a space that communicates with the living room to create a natural extension with a dash of elegance that will enhance your entire home. This large airy space offers you a ticket to ride to faraway places, via numerous compartments and shelves where you can display your favourite ornaments. Memories of your travels will brighten every day.

Transparency and decoration

The functional wooden island unit of this kitchen is finished with a stunning glass side panel. The transparency of this panel adds lightness to the piece. This display adds a light touch and enables you to display your unique decor.

Made-to-measure shelving

Decor is an important part of a kitchen and allows you to stamp your own personality on it. That's why Noblessa offers the chance to add shelving to it. With the alternating shelves and closed units, you can give free rein to your creativity and fill your shelving with your favourite reading.

Our fronts

In all, there are 77 styles of fronts available in our range. Designed in an extensive colour palette, with surfaces that range from matt to ultra high-gloss, and in refined materials such as lacquer and glass, our fronts adapt to all your needs.


Our catalogue

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