Iconic Kitchen: when the rawness and elegance of materials meet

This kitchen is inspired by the lines of industrial design. The model is intended to evoke creativity through a mixture of materials and an unusual decor. It has the feel of a New York loft apartment about it. The raw materials, blending wood and metal, are enhanced by the bold precise lines. The latter are softened by lighting that enhances the volumes. This kitchen with a distinctive look is composed of a functional island unit with a table, a sink and a food preparation space. In addition, its many bright shelves emphasise the decor and the design. The snack area offers an invitation to informality and sharing. Everything is designed to fit perfectly. It has the meticulous feel of an architect-designed kitchen, combining the useful with the good-looking, precision with expressiveness.

A double set of worktops

The double worktop creates an attractive play on materials, sizes and colours to better balance the interior spaces of your kitchen. It also brings your kitchen to life by offering extra space for getting together, working or preparing food.

Lighting and storage

Your decorative features and utensils are elegantly displayed via discreet lighting of the shelves. The lighting is subtle and adds to the elegance of your kitchen.

Our fronts

In all, there are 77 styles of fronts available in our range. Designed in an extensive colour palette, with surfaces that range from matt to ultra high-gloss, and in refined materials such as lacquer and glass, our fronts adapt to all your needs.


Our catalogue

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