The Shape Kitchen: is a harmonious blend of classic chic and modernity

The vintage style of the Shape kitchen combines the charm of classic chic with modern convenience. This kitchen conveys a welcoming atmosphere to everyone who enters it. The central space is enhanced by a large family-size table, designed to bring all the people you care for together. This piece offers keen cooks numerous features that make life easier and leave plenty of room for preparing delicious dishes. This classic chic model is inspired by the latest trends in design whilst retaining its welcoming style. This perfect combination is due to the mixture of high-quality materials, like marble, wood and stainless steel. The appliances are also of astounding quality, such as the hob that's worthy of a Michelin-starred restaurant. They are the guarantee of an elegant stylish kitchen.

Chic details

The natural stone worktop has always been synonymous with luxury interiors. The marble brings a touch of elegance and durability by its very presence. As for the glass partition, it brings natural light and a view of the world outside. Style also comes from the most subtle details such as the bar handles that highlight the lines of the door frames.

Elegant storage

To optimise space and retain the elegance of the room, Noblessa offers storage by creating splashback shelving over the worktop. The Shape kitchen offers extra space for storage and decoration. This saving in space is maximised by openly displaying your crockery so it's easy to access, making your kitchen even easier to use. This shelving is also fitted with integrated lighting that adds to its elegance down to the last detail.

Our fronts

In all, there are 77 styles of fronts available in our range. Designed in an extensive colour palette, with surfaces that range from matt to ultra high-gloss, and in refined materials such as lacquer and glass, our fronts adapt to all your needs.


Our catalogue

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