spirit kitchen: the modern elegance of a slate kitchen

Discover the new spirit kitchen. Its laminated fronts, available with or without handles, as well as its side panels designed to create a slate effect, reflect the perfection, softness and charm of natural stone.The Xtra worktop has all the style and aesthetic appeal of slate too. This simple slate kitchen is enhanced by its lighting for a warm, cosy feel. Every detail is shown off by the lighting underneath the wall elements, which also highlights the work surfaces. Warm-coloured wood is the perfect addition to the dining area to make the kitchen even lighter and to contrast with the stone effect.

An improvement on natural stone

All the advantages of stone - and none of the drawbacks. That’s a promise with an Xtra worktop. Its textured surface structure gives it an uncanny resemblance to that of natural slate. This material is also incredibly resistant to impacts - perfect for all the challenges of everyday cooking.

Discreet storage space

Concealed behind a hinged door are internal pull-outs with plenty of ergonomic, useful storage space. The transparent inner glass panels give the whole kitchen a light, bright feel. You can also opt for sliding storage with metal at the sides for a more designer feel.

A unified effect

The flush-mount built-in sink helps to give this slate kitchen a harmonious, stylish and refined look. It integrates seamlessly into the worktop, merging with the decor and making cleaning much easier.

Lightweight and easy to open

The Servo-Drive system brings effortlessness, despite the look of natural stone, to open cupboards, even without handles. This opening system in the wall units makes it easy and convenient to use larger elements.

Our fronts

In all, there are 77 styles of fronts available in our range. Designed in an extensive colour palette, with surfaces that range from matt to ultra high-gloss, and in refined materials such as lacquer and glass, our fronts adapt to all your needs.


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