Seals and certificates as marks of quality and commitment

"Quality", "environment" and "energy" are the cornerstones of our company policy. Numerous nationally and internationally-recognised quality labels stand as testament to this rigour.

Blauer Engel (German label - Blue Angel)

In August 2012, our company has been the first leader in the German market to which the environmental seal "Der Blaue Engel" (The Blue Anglel) has been awarded - and is currently still the only one in the kitchen sector. It is issued by the Federal Ministry of the Environment to products which are particularly respectful of the environment and suitable for their intended use. In addition, the requirements with regard to health and safety at work are particularly stringent.

GS quality seal

The GS mark attests to the compliance of products with the safety standards in force in Germany. This label is awarded after testing and inspection of the means of production by TÜV Rheinland, the biggest furniture inspection body in Europe. It confirms our own high standards in relation to the quality and safety of our products. A quality seal, the importance of which extends beyond the German borders.

The Golden M

The German Golden M is one of the most important quality certificates, both on a national and international scale. It is awarded according to the most stringent of criteria to products of higher than average quality - both in terms of environmental protection and health.

PEFC certificate

Materials derived from wood are essential to the production of our kitchens. We take particular care to handle this raw material in a responsible manner. The PEFC certificate (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) confirms that these processed materials are derived from sustainably managed forests from regulated sources.

Certified: our quality management

Because of their excellent quality, Noblessa kitchens are known worldwide and meet the requirements of the most demanding clients. A commitment confirmed by an international standard that certifies our management of quality: DIN EN ISO 9001. This certificate reinforces our sales strategy and guarantees that our kitchens will stand the test of time

Certified: our environmental management

The protection of resources is deeply rooted in the philosophy of our family company. For this reason, we work with an environmental management system certified to DIN EN ISO 14001. The system allows us to evaluate the company's environmental policy and objectives and to define a programme designed to successfully carry out our approach via a continuous improvement process. For example, efficient use of materials during production is our number one priority.

Certified: our energy management

Optimal energy management, that's both rational and carefully thought out ecologically speaking, is of great value to us. Our management system is defined in accordance with the certificate DIN EN ISO 50001 and constitutes the working basis that leads to the successful achievement of our objectives. We have made considerable investments in reducing our energy consumption. For example, we now save around 13,000 tons of CO2 and 15 million litres of heating oil per year thanks to our biomass heating systems.