Manor Farm, Oxford

Dive into English style

In the heart of Oxford you'll find the high-end houses of Manor Farm. They are clustered in a private residence sheltered from view. An idyllic location making the most of the city's beauty whilst preserving comfort, space and intimacy. Each house benefits from luxury facilities and stylish, cosy decor which perfectly reflects the local lifestyle. More than just a house, these homes are peaceful harbours, great places to live and to be.

The kitchens in Manor Farm are all about elegance and modernity

Noblessa fitted the kitchens in 15 Manor Farm homes in Oxford, in collaboration with Pye Homes. Kitchens created with our Lounge model in lacquered white or mineral grey. Two varieties of colour that highlight the neutral, timeless style of the setting. The whole look is enhanced with an ultra-high-gloss finish adding a touch of light. The modernity of the kitchens is underlined by the integrated grooves at the top of the doors for easy opening. Elegance guaranteed by simplicity.