Our uniqueness

What makes Noblessa unique is the breadth of its range and the boldness exhibited by its kitchens. To achieve this elegant design, we pay great attention to detail in each of our kitchens.

A complete, high-quality range

Designed in an extensive colour palette, with surfaces that range from soft matt to ultra high-gloss, and in refined materials such as lacquer and glass, our fronts meet all expectations and compete on elegance and quality.

Simplicity enhanced

Amongst the ranges on offer, the door fronts without handles are those that concentrate on the essential, resulting in the uncluttered style of our kitchens. The door fronts offer softness combined with lightness. A soothing minimalism and a pure aesthetic that combine with the alignment. Inset integrated handles thus become part of the overall style.

Noblessa personalisation

Noblessa kitchens offer that little something extra. The sliding drawers are fitted as standard with glass sides and non-slip mats over the entire surface. We can also add design features to drawers, like glass side panels and metal panels. These are exclusive to Noblessa, created by us with our brand's DNA: excellence, precision and avant-garde style.

Innovative hinges

Quality down to the finest of details. Our innovative hinge system means that the doors shut softly by themselves. This feature is provided by the Silent System soft closure, invisibly integrated into the hinge.