Design, cooking methods, functions and options to make your daily life in the kitchen better...there is a multitude of ovens available. The perfect model is the one that meets your needs and suits your cooking style.

Our solutions blend seamlessly into your kitchen

The oven is the nerve centre of your kitchen, so it should take prime position, but still be discreet. Our selection of models from the most beautiful brands will make it easy to find one that fits perfectly with the style of your kitchen. From designer style to traditional, from 45 to 90cm wide, featuring a drop-down, side-opening or retractable door or drawer... we offer custom options.

Models made to meet your tastes

Todays ovens are increasingly sophisticated offering functions to suit your cooking style. We are here to advise you on the oven which will best suit your taste and personality.





Multi-function fan-assisted models where the air circulates in all directions, stirred up by the fan, cook your meals quickly and evenly. They're perfect for cooking several dishes at once.

All these solutions will make your daily life easier

Do you want a clean oven without having to make an effort? With the simple press of a button, the oven uses pyrolysis to self-clean at a temperature of around 500°C. Fat and dirt is burnt off and a simple wipe of a sponge is all you need to give the inside of your oven to make it gleam as before.




There are certain details which can considerably improve daily life: low sound levels (important in fan ovens), energy consumption (to keep your bill low), the ability to detach the door (useful for maintenance) or even a “cold” door for safety (essential if you have young children around).