Platform Merter, Istanbul

A warm family friendly atmosphere reigns in the Platform Merter apartments.

Platform Merter stands at the centre of Istanbul, Turkey's dynamic metropole. Unique residences, built in a warm, family friendly environment where luxury and comfort reign. From the architecture of the buildings to the interior design, nothing is left to chance. Excellence rules, from the choices of the materials to the fittings. Quality apartments, perfect for family life.

Ultra-chic, functional kitchens

There are no less than 323 Noblessa kitchens fitting-out the apartments in Platform Merter. Sophisticated, stylish kitchens designed in black. High-gloss fronts look incredible against the interior design. The wall unit cupboards with window fronts enable you to easily see everything that is stored inside. The central element of the kitchen, the island, is designed in black and white with a wooden effect on the end panels. A hint of nature and authenticity, a finishing touch to the kitchen that makes for a pleasant living space.