The ideal refrigerator adapts to the size of your family, your habits and the design of your kitchen. Refrigerators, fridge freezers and American models with water dispensers: let our Noblessa experts advise you on the best choice.

A style to blend in with your kitchen

In terms of design, anything is permitted The trend for vintage fashion has seen the advent of round refrigerators and bright colours. Stainless steel is always a safe bet: sophisticated and stylish. At Noblessa, we have a wide range of appliances and we offer built-in solutions to make this essential appliance invisible.

Dimensions to suit your home

The size of your family influences your choice of refrigerator. Your family's eating and shopping habits play a role too. For example, if you shop for fresh produce every day, you need less storage space for frozen food.

As an indication, depending on whether you live alone, as a couple or as a family, you should choose your refrigerator based on the following recommendations:

• Under 250 litres for one person

• Between 250 and 330 litres for 2 to 3 people

• More than 330 litres for 4 or more people

Energy efficiency for the environment

Of course, the ability to keep food cold is the number one priority when choosing a refrigerator. But the environmental aspect is also important.

Although the energy consumption of cold applliances has dropped by 50% since 1995, this can be further reduced to protect the planet by choosing an A++/A +++ model. What's more, only appliances of class A or above have been sold since 1 July 2012.