Sinks and faucets

More than half the tasks you undertake in the kitchen happen around the sink. It is therefore essential you pick a good one, along with a good mixer tap. Your custom kitchen deserves the best: premium quality, meticulous finish and durability.

What type of sink?

The water supply is an important part of the kitchen, since you spend much time in front of the sink.

Lacking in space? A bowl model will suffice, especially if you have a dishwaher. Are you the head of a large family? Then two bowls would be better. They can either be similar in size or not, with or without a draining board... All set-ups are possible to fit with your aspirations.

Which material?

The criteria to take into account: resistance to scratching, marking and shocks. After that it is a question of colour and taste.

Stainless steel is perfect for modern style kitchens. Its advantages: solid, hygienic surface, rust resistant. Stoneware (or ceramic) adds a further touch of elegance to your kitchen. Its qualities: robust, easy to maintain and available in several colours.

Composite (or resin) is available in a wide range of rather beautiful colours. Its benefits: ultra resistant and easy to clean.




Deep and/or wide bowls make washing large pans and baking sheets easy. A chopping board or chrome plated basket: there are numerous accessories which fit on the sink to make your kitchen tasks more pleasant.

What's the perfect mixer tap?

A kitchen faucet is used more than 25 times a day. Whether it is a single or double lever, retro, contemporary or designer style, it is essential you select the one that is perfect for your individual Noblessa kitchen.



The spray faucet: its long flexible tube can fill or clean very deep recipients, making rinsing vegetables and dirty dishes easy.

Spout mobility: a fixed spout is perfect for small sinks and what is more it is easy to clean. For larger sinks, opt for spouts that rotate 90°, 180° or 360°.

The height of the spout: varies according to the depth of the sink. If it isn't very deep, choose a tap with a high spout so you can clean your tableware easily.