Just like the splash board, the worktop reveals your kitchen's style. And because it has to resist shocks, scratches, steam, heat and cleaning products, it must also be strong. The premium quality materials offered by Noblessa meet these criteria whilst maintaining elegant, refined style to blend harmoniously with our kitchen designs.

A well-considered choice

Depth, thickness, materials, colour, design... There are so many elements to take into account when designing the section where we spend 60% of our time in the kitchen. There is a wide choice from our Slim Line models at 16mm width and the thicker models of 100mm. Our qualitative worktops come in a variety of thicknesses producing fascinating contrasts.




As for the finish, we have more than 20 fronts and 70 types of worktop for you to find your style, be it classic, modern or daring, so it blends into your kitchen.

Laminate and compact laminate

This is the most popular coating as it is strong, practical and easy to maintain. Square, curved, half-circle, it comes in several shapes, colours (20 fronts available and more than 70 surface types) and styles (wood, stainless steel, marble or concrete).




For extra solidity, add a compact laminate surface to the mix. Developed using new technology, the "compact" is among the strongest worktops. Although very thin, it is perfectly water resistant.

The charm of solid wood

The warmth and natural elegance of wood is enticing. It looks great in all styles of kitchen, even contemporary ones. Ultra-strong, this material is both environmentally friendly and durable.

Stable natural stone

A granite, blue stone, or natural stone worktop will add a touch of class to any kitchen. This extremely robust material isn't afraid of heat nor shocks and is almost completely scratch resistant. Stone will accompany you for years and it stays looking good with a quick wipe over with a sponge.

Utterly chic ceramics

A ceramic work top made from top quality, natural raw materials resistant to scratching, acids, other corrosive products and heat. This material adds a timeless charm to your kitchen. We can guide you to find the perfect natural material work top out of a wide range of suppliers.

Noblessa's 3D Xtra plan

The decor for Noblessa's Xtra work tops have an incredible pronounced 3D surface structure. It creates an authentic natural looking stone effect, available in plain granite, Terrazo or slate grey reproduction. The 38mm thick worktop is made up of several layers including a 1.2mm laminate surface and another 9.4mm surface which reinforces the overall strength. The Xtra 3D decors are also available in the 16 mm Slim Line version.