High standards

When it comes to quality, we don't leave anything to chance. From the choice of materials through to manufacturing: perfection is essential. Noblessa kitchens are subject to numerous tests carried out both in-house and by independent laboratories. Numerous quality seals and certificates, recognised throughout the world, attest to our unprecedented commitment to uncompromising quality in line with our sustainability principle: economical success, ecological tolerance and social justice go hand in hand.

Premium quality tested for you

To guarantee flawless quality, our kitchens are subject to very rigorous testing in our in-house laboratories. Every single component is tested and must be able to stand up to extreme conditions. Only materials and parts that have successfully passed all of the tests are included in the new collection.

Climatic testing and resistance to water and steam

Noblessa kitchens are exported throughout the world. This is why they must be able to stand up to all climatic conditions. These conditions are simulated in a climatic chamber where the tested parts are exposed to an artificial ageing process. The same applies to water resistance. By definition, a kitchen is a place that is often subject to high levels of humidity. This is why we test our products via a range of processes, such as steam injection or hot water bath tests. That is why we are able to ensure high resistance, even in extreme conditions.

Testing of the surfaces

Every day, kitchens are exposed to all kinds of stresses: cooking liquids, heat, sharp objects and household products. As a result, we put all surfaces to the test for chemical and mechanical resistance. For example we expose them to various agressive and staining substances, such as cleaning products, acetic acid and coffee. We simulate frequent usage, that results in wear over the year around 10,000 times and are even more rigorous with our drawers and sliding elements that are subject to 80,000 tests (i.e. 20,000 more than standard).

Colour testing

Year after year, our kitchen fronts retain their original colour. In order to ensure this, we submit the surfaces to stress testing: we subject them to high-intensity xenon lighting so that they age artificially. Fifteen years in just 270 hours! This enables us to guarantee that a Noblessa kitchen will not lose its good looks, even after many years of use.

Sustainable as a matter of principle

Responsible use of resources is deeply rooted in the awareness of the values of our family company. A principle of sustainability that takes account of economic, ecological and social factors. A balance that is synonymous with responsibility and supports our success in the long term.

Symbiosis between economy and ecology

We are convinced that long-term success is only derived from the correct balance between economic objectives and ecological responsibility. This conviction is the bedrock of our management systems and shapes the foundations of the constant improvement of our services. A clear alignment on quality, functionality and total customer satisfaction is what guarantees our success.

An excellent team to ensure quality workmanship

Our greatest strength is our qualified and highly motivated workforce. We are committed to offering them the very best working environment. We do everything possible to ensure their well-being, from the workspace, safety and health protection to social facilities. And to ensure the quality of our expertise, we train our specialists and pass on our ideals to them day after day.