The quality and exacting standards of a German kitchen

Noblessa has been a brand of excellence for high end kitchens since 1996. All our Premium kitchens are made in our state-of-the-art factories in Germany, overseen by experienced craftsmen. Elegant design, top quality finish and equipment, and carefully selected materials. The perfection of Noblessa kitchens can be seen in the smallest details. More than a brand, it's a way of life. Noblessa is committed to designing living spaces where elegance and harmony reign supreme – by taking our inspiration from you and your desires. That is who we are.

Who we are

High standards

When it comes to quality, we don't leave anything to chance. From the choice of materials through to manufacturing: perfection is essential. Noblessa kitchens are subject to numerous tests carried out both in-house and by independent laboratories. Numerous quality seals and certificates, recognised throughout the world, attest to our unprecedented commitment to uncompromising quality in line with our sustainability principle: economical success, ecological tolerance and social justice go hand in hand.

Our quality


Noblessa is, above all, German expertise. Outstanding manufacturing processes meeting the most rigorous standards on the market. From fronts to drawers up to handles, each piece is made with care, using quality materials and the knowledge you would expect from a brand of specialists. Every item is verified at each stage and tested repeatedly to ensure only perfect products will pass through. This refined manufacturing process is what makes Noblessa kitchens the top of the range creations for exceptional interiors.

Our production

Seals and certificates as marks of quality and commitment

"Quality", "environment" and "energy" are the cornerstones of our company policy. Numerous nationally and internationally-recognised quality labels stand as testament to this rigour.

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Our uniqueness

What makes Noblessa unique is the breadth of its range and the boldness exhibited by its kitchens. To achieve this elegant design, we pay great attention to detail in each of our kitchens.


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