There is nothing like a backsplash to really finish your kitchen in style. Located between your work top and higher items, it acts as both decorative protection for your wall and storage for your utensils. Standard or custom? Pattern, tone-on-tone or contrast? Our Noblessa advisors are there to help you pick a clear winner.

They protect the walls

Backsplashes aren't just there to look good. They also protect the walls from spillages and fatty deposits. Made from glass, laminate, resin or other materials, it is waterproof and reliably stops water and grease marks from becoming embedded in the wall paint.



The finishing touch to the kitchen, a splash board adds real decorative style. It can act as an extension of the work top in the same tones and finish or make its mark by contrasting and adding character to your kitchen.

It optimises storage

The adjustable splash board can be fitted with magnetic rails where you can attach spice pots, knives or other aluminium accessories. Then everything is ready to hand. Another option for easy storage: a backsplash bar where you can hang utensils. There are innumerable clever solutions.

Decorative shelves as a bonus

Adding shelves creates even more storage. They can become decorative elements with their elegant look. Just like those adorned with light: made from glass with a LED or neon light and surrounded by an elegant aluminium sheet. Functional and beautiful, shelves add a personal, finishing touch to a kitchen.