Gas, induction, ceramic or mixed hobs ... Each technology has a particular profile. In order to imagine the perfect hob, the one that will become the heart of your home, it is well worth working out the kind of chef you are with your Noblessa adviser.

Perfect placement

Plan for an extractor hood that is larger than your hob to ensure maximum smoke extraction. Install a cutlery drawer nearby and one for pans just below so you don't have to keep walking around unnecessarily. Once you are starting to plan your fully fitted kitchen, our expert advisors will give you all the tips you need to make your time in the kitchen easy.

Induction and ceramic hobs

Induction hobs are precise, fast, economical and safe. They use less energy than gas, have a temperature-limit control when empty and a locking control panel.





Ceramic glass is perfect if you are looking for the option that is easiest to use and maintain. It is available with two types of technology: radiant elements which heat by infrared radiation and more powerful halogen bulbs that heat by successive pulses. Once you have decided upon the technology, your preference can be refined according to the size of hob you want (60, 70, or 90cm) or the number of cooking areas (2, 3, 4, or 5). Once again, your choice will be determined by your usual cooking habits.

Gas and mixed hobs

Those who are skilled at traditional, authentic cooking swear by gas hobs. Their advantage: the adjustable flame makes cooking easy to control. Purists can also use them just as well to simmer little dishes as to cook them at full heat.

Mixed hobs offer a compromise. They combine several spaces and cooking methods: both gas and electric. You can chose day by day, which solution is the right for your purposes.

Stainless steel and built-in elements, timelessly on trend

On the style side, stainless steel and built in elements are always on trend. The idea is to keep the depth above the work top to a minimum so that the hob blends seamlessly with the decor. This smooth design is possible with natural material work tops - but also with the exclusice Xtra work top in 38 mm.