Built in? Number of place settings? Types of programme? There are so many questions that affect your choice for this essential item in your kitchen. Our Noblessa experts will listen to your needs so they can suggest the best option.

The right size and number of place settings

The size of the dishwasher depends on how many settings you need to wash. Large families will prefer standard, 60cm wide dishwashers for 12 -17 place settings. Otherwise, a 45cm wide model that's 80cm tall holds 9-10 place settings.

For couples who live in a smaller urban appartment, there's a solution: smaller models that are 55cm wide, 44cm tall and 50cm deep can wash 6 place settings.

Intelligent programmes

Compared to hand washing, a dishwasher can save up to 87% more water (90 litres) and gain you 70 hours a year. Most models have economy, half-load or automatic functions. The latter adapts the amount of water and electricity used according to how dirty the dishes are. The timer option means you can plan your wash cycles for off-peak hours. Easy to use for a simpler daily life.

Built-in or free-standing?

Dishwashers can be slotted in. However, in premium fitted kitchens they are more often invisible, dressed with a front that matches the overall design of your kitchen.

There are two ways to benefit from an additional option: simple integration where you can just see the control panel or complete integration where the whole appliance is hidden and the controls are on the upper edge of the door.

Adjustable rack and drawers

Height adjustable, foldable racks, glass holders, cutlery drawers etc. Adjustable racks are perfect for gaining space and loading the dishwasher as you see fit.

A silent machine for open-plan kitchens

For open-plan kitchens and using the overnight programme, it's well worth choosing a silent machine, that means a dishwasher with an energy label showing less than 42 decibels. At Noblessa, you'll find whisper-quiet dishwashers that are down to 38 decibel.