Extractor hoods

The extractor hood sucks up smoke and odours and adds light to your cooking area. We know how to combine practicality and style, demonstrate sound and appearance discretion to blend naturally with the decor of your kitchen. There are lots of ideas to choose from with our many varied options, so you can make an inspired choice.

Perfectly mastered installation

In order to be effective, the extractor hood should be installed over the hob at a height of at least 65cm for an electric hob and 70/25cm for a gas hob. In certain cases the positioning will require specific work, like the island extractor hood for example. Our Noblessa advisors will offer the best technical recommendations and will ensure that your extractor hood is installed safely.

Recycling or extraction: inspired choices

There are two suction systems: recycling or extraction. With the recycling option, the hood cleans the air by extracting the fat and odours before returning it to the kitchen. This closed-circuit treatment requires fat and charcoal filters for odours, which must be regularly replaced according to the model.




Extraction on the other hand sends the air out of your home. It is the perfect solution and requires less maintenance. However, you need air vent in the kitchen, a direct outlet to outside where a vent duct can be fitted.

You also have to take into account the technical restraints of the size of your room or the nature of your home and whether this kind of extraction can be fitted or not.

Our decorative extractor hoods: stunning design

The extractor hood faces a triple challenge: filtration performance, discreet sound and visual integration.

It takes up space in your kitchen, therefore it should look good. Designs have changed a lot in the last few years, there are a variety of options on offer now. The extractor hood can be fixed on the wall, hung like a chandelier for decorative effect or integrated with the furniture, the work top or on the hob for a more discreet finish.