Noblessa kitchens bathe in light. As well as giving you a clear view when you are preparing food, illumination also helps to prsent the furniture in the best light and create atmosphere in this living space. Our advisors are skilled in the art of lighting and will inspire you with lighting solutions to suit your kitchen.

Different light sources

Wall lighting to create a subdued effect, a decorative ceiling light to liven-up the eating area, integrated lighting in kitchen elements like shelves or the inside of a drawer to create a play of lights, LED strips to show off the backsplash or add warmth to the worktop.

There are a thousand and one ways to light up your kitchen. The secret of atmospheric and effective lighting? Multiple light sources with a variety of effects. Create the atmosphere that makes you feel amazing with the help of our expert advisors.

Efficient, functional lighting

Kitchen lighting has specific requirements. It should be even so the natural colour of your food is retained. It shouldn't create shadowed areas on the work tops. Strategic areas like the sink, hobs and storage cabinets should have brighter lighting (500 lumens).

Integrated spot lighting located under your high cupboards, built-in to the ceiling or above a bar or at the centre of drawer elements cover this role perfectly.

A resplendent kitchen, a space for well-being

Neither too cold, nor too cosy, your kitchen lighting should be the perfect balance of functionality, comfort and style. Using skilful lighting with shadows and areas of light, luminous flux and the temperature of the colours, you can magnify shelves, create a soft or lively atmosphere, sculpt the volume of furniture etc. Just like a movie star, there is nothing more beautiful than a well-lit kitchen.