Majestic Tower, Beyrouth

Majestic Tower: an enchanting break in the heart of Beirut

Located in the Ain El Mreisseh quarter of Beirut, the Majestic Tower offers apartments with luxurious services. Each residence occupies a whole floor and measures, on average, 650m2. Spacious rooms featuring the best materials and equipment to meet the needs of an exacting clientele. Other benefits: spacious gardens, swimming pools and common facilities are available to the residents. A five star break in the heart of the city.

Pure, German quality in the Majestic Tower

In total, there are no less than 50 Noblessa Lounge kitchens fitting-out the Majestic Tower. A pristine design reigning over its distinguished interior. The handleless fronts with integrated grooves create continuity between the different elements and overall unity for a clean finish. The whole composition is enhanced by a dark grey granite work top which gives body to the room. A duo of light and dark, a timeless, perfect pairing.